Scholarship Program FAQ

Application Process Details: 

a.      Applicants can win $4,750 per year, renewable for 4 years by maintaining a 2.0 GPA ($19,000 total).

b.      This scholarship award is only available to dependents of Patterson Companies’ employees. It’s unique to Patterson as a way to support ongoing education and advancement.

c.      The award applies to two-year and four-year universities, community college, vocational and technical colleges. Students can continue to renew the award after receiving an AA degree as long as he or she enrolls in a baccalaureate degree program.

d.      All undergraduate degrees and majors are eligible for the award.

e.      Applicants must be high school seniors or college students, up to age 24.

f.       Current college freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply.

g.      The application is available online only. Students will need the following items to apply for the scholarship:

                                                    i.     Financial aid information (FAFSA)

                                                   ii.     School transcripts

                                                  iii.     Community involvement and work history (like a resume, if applicable)

                                                  iv.     Recommendation from a teacher

                                    v.   The parent or guardian's employee ID number (located in ADP's Personal Information section)

h.      Students that applied in previous years but did not win are encouraged to reapply. Circumstances and the applicant pool change every year!

i.      For non-traditional high school students or students with circumstances that have affected their academic performance or ability to participate in community activities, there is a section in the application dedicated to sharing this information for the evaluation team at Scholarship America, Inc. 

Selection Process:

a.      Students must be dependents of Patterson Companies’ employees at the time of selection. After initial selection, students can continue to renew the scholarship even if the parent leaves the company.

b.     1 in 4 applicants win the award

c.      Scholarship America, based in St. Peter, MN, is entirely responsible for the review and selection of applications, and the disbursement of funds. The Corporate Office does not see any open or submitted applications, nor the information contained in the applications.

d.      The program will utilize standard Scholarship America recipient selection procedures including the consideration of the following:

                                                    i.     Past academic performance and future potential

                                                   ii.     Leadership and participation in school and community activities if characteristic of country

                                                  iii.     Work experience

                                                  iv.     Statement of career and educational aspirations and goals

                                                   v.     Unusual personal or family circumstances

                                                  vi.     An online recommendation.

e.      Although Scholarship America uses financial need as a consideration, the scholarship is not need-based. This is a consideration only.

f.       Siblings of previous winners are not guaranteed a scholarship based on family relations alone.

2021 Timeline:

a.      The application process is open February 15, 2021- March 31, 2021. Applications must be completed by 3:00pm CT on March 31, 2021.

b.      Reminder emails are sent to parents by Patterson Companies, and students that have started an application are reminded to complete their application by March 23, 2021.

c.      Applications are reviewed until June 1, 2021.

d.    Award recipients are notified by Scholarship America during the week of June 14, 2021.

Save the date for 2022! Applications will be open on February 14, 2021.