Dollars for Doers

The Patterson Foundation is pleased to partner with Patterson Companies employees and support them as they give their time, talent or financial resources. Introduced in 2019, Dollars for Doers is a program that allows the Patterson Foundation to donate $100 to a non-profit organization in which 2 or more Patterson employees volunteered their time.


In 2019, Patterson employees utilized Dollars for Doers by volunteering with more than 15 different organizations, donating almost $15,000. The donations have been used to grant scholarships for participants at learning experiences like Junior Achievement's BizTown, offer food security for kids during the holiday breaks from school, build 10+ new dressers for first-time homeowners, and so much more.

We're proud of our Patterson team for following their passions and including the Patterson Foundation in their acts of service!

FAQs for Dollars for Doers

1. Each activity must be at least 2 hours in length.

2. There is no limit for the amount of times you can volunteer with your peers!

3. Volunteer activities must be at a non-profit (501(c)(3)) organization with the exception of political organizations or places of worship. Clinics, shelters, food banks, and social activities sponsored by a religious organization are acceptable. 

4. What counts for volunteering? Giving your time or talents comes in many different forms: in-person volunteering, virtual volunteering, chaperoning at schools, running or walking in a 5K or equivalent race, shopping for and donating items for a donation drive, serving on a Board of Directors, event coordination and planning, and skills-based activities like web design, accounting, or consulting. Don't see your activity on the list? Contact Lindsay.

5. Donation drive planning and execution will receive a $250 donation and 5K/race participation is limited to $100 per person up to 5 people. 

Sign Up for Dollars for Doers!

To sign up a team for Dollars for Doers or to request that Dollars for Doers supports your volunteer activity, FILL OUT THIS FORM and send it to Lindsay Stewart at The form will ask for the following information:

1. Date of the volunteer activity 

2. Names of the employees that volunteered

3. Name, location of the organization with which you volunteered, and your contact at the organization

4. Where should we send the donation check? To the organization or to you to personally deliver?

Not able to complete the form online? Request it from Lindsay at